2011 soundtrack

here you can see what I did yesterday night. after having dinner, I just noticed that TV is a complete shit... mmmm... yeah, is a complete shit! there was nothing good on TV so I decided to go to bed early, but I couldn't sleep and that's why I laid down on my bed and I caught the January issue of Elle magazine (have you seen how gorgeous is Cristina Tosio as a cover girl? god, she's stunning!) and my Ipod. and just like this, what started as a boring night ended up like a perfect one: with fashion and music.

when I first started this blog I told you that there will be a lot of things to talk about... not only fashion, but also other things... and today is one of those days that I'm going to talk about other things besides fashion like music. why, you ask? well, have you ever noticed that the music can turn back time? you know, when you listen to a song and then you immediately remember one (or two, or more... hehe) concrete moment in your life. do you get what I'm trying to say? okay, so this is exactly what happened to me yesterday night, and a whole lot of old memories came back to my mind! (maybe this is because I don't refresh the playlists on my Ipod very often, who knows!).

the fact is that (mentally) I've made a list of the songs I listened to the most over the past year... and I just want to let you know some of them, the ones I think are highly recommended, so you can listen to them and (just if you want to) give me some feedback about your feelings or opinions or whatever!

- Valerie, by Amy Winehouse. here you can listen to my favorite version (even if she isn't in the video, is her voice indeed!), and I gotta say that this is one of my favorite songs of all the time. is such a shame Amy passed away last year, I feel like she was in big trouble and none of her loved ones could do anything to help her...

- Junk of the heart, by The Kooks. love it, it makes my day everytime I listen to it... totally recommended, so go go go!

- Chasing pirates, by Norah Jones. she's so lovely! here you can watch the video.

- Innocent, by Stereophics. the rhythm of this song is awesome... you can feel every single beat of the drums... here you have the video!

- Teardrops, by Womack & Womack. I know most of you have never heard about it before but is absolutely one of my favorite songs ever, and you need to listen to it now! hey, the sunnies of the singer are awesome, aren't they?

- Dreams, by Fleetwood mac. okay, this is not a recent song either but sometimes old things are just much better than the new ones... don't you think? go here.

- Be my man, by Asa. oh my, this girl's got the move... hehe, go and see the video here! Dreamer girl is another of her songs that I really love! she's my lastest discovery and now I can't live without her.

- Never forget you, by The Noisettes. this is definitely a good one! go go go!

- The world as I see it, by Jason Mraz. he makes me believe that still there are good musicians. here you can listen to it! I also love Make it mine!

- One and only, by Adele. (go here) this woman is ah-ma-zing, hehe! her voice always gives me chills... I recently discovered that she did a cover of Cheryl Cole's Promise this (here) and I can swear that the cover is way too better than the original version.

I'm pretty sure that I forget a lot of good songs, but it's impossible to put them all together! so, this post is going to an end but first I leave you my last obsession: let's call it the first track of 2012!

- Love on top, by Beyoncé. damn, she's got it all! and just in case you don't believe me, here you have the video...

thank you so much for stopping by (I promise that from now on I'm going to make blog entries more often...!), hope you all have a great weedend!


  1. Great post. I love the photos and your selection of music is amazing :) I love the ones that I already now, I'll check out the others :D


  2. I have to download some of these songs

  3. Great playlist! I'm going to listen some of this songs.
    You have a great blog and I follow you now, hope you'll find time to visit my blog and do the same!


  4. There are some songs I haven't heard here. I. must. listen. to. them. Haha. xx

  5. Priceless, spend my whole morning reading Elle and listening to music. It's just so relaxing in a stressful week!

  6. lovely and cool.


  7. Great photo! I love the ELLE.

    I just started my blog. Hope you will follow me at:


  8. nothing like a great magazine and good music...............xx