I made it!

photos by anna

I finally made them mine. I've been after these Zara sandals for like two months now, and finally last week they found their way into my shoe closet.


wish wish

so, they say there's no list when you only have put on it a single thing. and, since I told you some weeks ago that I'd publish my wish-list, here you have the second item on it (if you missed the very first post about my wishlist, you can check it out here!).


shopping in the blues

photo by anna

I guess the title of this post can speak by itself, right? I think the whole thing is easy to understand: you are sad, and the main consequence is that you want to go shopping.


today I'm wearing

photo by anna

maybe you think that I may have forgotten that I'm also a blogger, but no I haven't! and I'm so sorry because I just realized that I spent one week without blogging... so, just in case you missed me, here I'm again!


cool traditions

today is Sant Jordi (Saint George) in Catalonia. actually, today is Saint George everywhere, but specially in Catalonia. and I say specially because Sant Jordi is one working day that we have transformed in a huge national festivity. I mean, people has to go work equally but you can smell the air of festivity on the streets of the cities and little villages of all around Catalonia.

today is the day when men are supposed to buy a rose to their women, and women are supposed to buy a book for their men. it's like our own Saint Valentine's day, but on 23rd of April! but, as every tradition, modernity has made some changes: and now I always ask my boyfriend to buy me a book because I don't really like flowers and because I do love reading. so, it's like we made a pact about that.

so, now I just need to finish my work for today and go out and buy my boyfriend his book (I already decided which one I want to buy him) in the midle of the crowded city. I'm pretty sure it won't take me so long because there are street vendors selling books and roses in every single corner... I just wish you could be here as well!!

have a great week, and thank you so much for stopping by! Feliç Sant Jordi!



wish wish

I thought today that it was the right time to start publishing my wish list. as you know, every fashion lover needs -well, actually it's not a necessity but a real fact instead- a wish list. and as you might know, every fashion blogger usually publish her own wish list. so, here I am, me and my wish list. the fact is that my list of cravings happens to be so extense (and it's continuously increasing... talk about a huge nightmare!!), and I also thought that I will publish one item of this list every now and then... that's all I thought today!

and the first item on my wish list couldn't be anything else but shoes. because shoes are important, and because I'm like a shoe fetishist (I guess most of you can understand my situation, huh?). so, ladies and gentlemen here you can admire the Chloe sandal by Alexander Wang. I'm not a big fan of Wang's shoes, but these sandals are a major craving on my list. oh, have you seen all the details? the different materials used? the black and orange combination? well, Wang deserve 10 e lode (A+ in Italian) for this design, Wang's a genius. and there's nothing more to say about it!

this has been a quick post, I know, but sometimes an image is way better than words, right?

have a great weekend guys, and thank you so much for reading! and I really hope you can enjoy spring, here it's raining non stop lately and I hate it...


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first times

'se hai provato per una volta l'emozione del volo, camminerai per sempre sulla Terra con gli occhi rivolti al cielo...'* Leonardo Da Vinci dixit (at least that's what they say that he once said... whatever!).



now, this perfectly can be the second episode of the 'looking for perfection' series. and yes, I'm talking about sunglasses and my difficulties to find the perfect frames.


to be worn with love

everyone should know this (actually, I think everyone already knows it!): appearances can be deceptive, that's all you need to know! and that's exactly what I thought when I found this black sweater this past winter. do you remember when I post about the fish pedicure (if not, you can read it here!) where I told you that I had to talk about the sweater I was wearing? so, here you have it!


[wedged] sneaker fever

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS 12

I know I'm a little late with this... but it's better now than never, right? but I'm a blogger, and I'm blogging about many things and about fashion in particular... so I thought I had to post about these creatures... but be aware, dear readers because I still don't know how I feel about them...


on my favorite designer

Stella McCartney SS 12
well, just two words: Stella McCartney. I don't remember when she first caught my attention with her creations, but I only know that I've kept an eye on her ever since...


you fancy a pedicure?

last Friday I went for a pedicure, but it wasn't a common pedicure... it was a fish pedicure! I don't know if you ever have heard about it, in case you haven't and to sum up what it's all about I just can say that a bunch of fishes eat your feet all the dead skin, calluses and other unwanted stuff from your feet. and trust me: it's such a good experience!!!


just for fun!

just in case you haven't seen those videos yet... do it now, it's so much fun (maybe because it's the very truth!)! once you have seen one of those videos you become... wait for it... obseeessseed!!! hehe
'should I get bangs? how do we feel about bangs? I think I'm gonna get bangs... OMG, I HATE MY BAAANGS!!!'... isn't it hilarious?
and in other news, brand new by anna is on twitter now... so you can follow my steps closer!
thank you very much for stopping by,

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for those days when...

a pair of heels won't do, a pair of sequined sneakers will. in the last couple of weeks I been feeling like my feet have had enough heels (not for good, of course! but just for a while...). I guess you have been there before, you know, when your feet just need a break.


PFW, best of

just because this has been the last fashion week of the whole fashion month doesn't mean it was easy to pick my favorite looks. and, honestly, this has been the hardest because Paris is Paris, and fashion shows in Paris are major fashion shows. if you ask me what things I'd like to remark from PFW, here they come: so dark collections (remember when in NY all was about white? well, here is all about black, navy and not so many bright colors), Chloé is back and better than ever, square jackets that hide the silhouette, and the ultimate trend that I spotted in many shows: skirt over pants... so, are you ready to see my selection?


MFW, best of

so, here you have the third episode of 'fashion week, best of' series. and I have to say that this one and the next episode are going to be huge for just one reason: Milan and Paris use to hold the shows of the most important fashion maisons. this is only a selection of my favorite designers or runway outfits, so you can feel free to recommend some shows that I don't report here... hope you like it!


can't stop thinking about summer

now I just want the summer to show up! and you know why? well, I only can blame on thing: Jimmy Choo and its clutch. isn't it cool? wow, I felt in love with it since the very first moment I saw it. plus, it immediately remind me of summer, and the beach... oh man, how I miss being on the beach for hours soaking up the sun! why can't the summer just last 12 months so we can completely forget about the winter?


LFW, best of

here I'm again, showing you what I love the most form London Fashion Week. talk about print craziness... are you ready for that jelly? hehe! I have to say that it ain't easy to put together a small selection of outfits from the runway -because there are so many looks that I simply love- but after all, you will see two things that can sum up the trends for F/W 2012: lots of bright colors and amazingly crazy prints. hope you enjoy the post!


they were meant to be mine!

at last I found what I was dreaming of*: leather bottoms. one of my obsessions this winter has been leather bottoms, and I've been unable to find the perfect ones until a couple of weeks ago.


NYFW, best of

nope, (as you can imagine...) I didn't attend any fashion show in New York. but as every single fashion lover on Earth I have been following all reviews of almost every fashion brand (thank you, fashion Gods, for giving us Style.com!). so, here you have some of my favorite looks... the best of NYFW!


love is in the air

picture via Toy Story 3

spread the love, today is the day... happy St. Valentine's day everyone! 

now, don't ask me why I put a picture of Barbie and Ken... it's obvious: they've always been in love! hehe, at least that's what all little girls in the world think... but when they grow up they'll know that this is not exactly the truth... the fact is that she (and when I say she I mean Barbie...) had no choice because Ken was is the only man in her life! yeah, so sad... if I were her I'd rather be with the strong Action Man! (this is just because I'm more like 'good girls love bad boys', hehe). oh, I've just noticed that this post is starting to not be as romantic as it should be for St. Valentine's day... sorry! anyway, Toy Story is so much fun... don't you think?

in other news, I gotta say that I'm so sorry for my absence... I've been stuck in bed (I mean from bed to sofa and from sofa to bed!) for a whole week because of an awful flu... and you know what that does mean? nada bueno! but now I've almost got over it and I can say that Anna is back... so get ready for new entries coming soon!

thank you so much for reading and for your nice comments!



i want it, i'll have it!

okay, here I am again... but this time is a little bit diferent, so... have a sit! this time I'm introducing you (how stupid does this sound? hehe!) the 'Collier de chien' paper bracelet by Hermès. read well and pay attention dear readers because this is not a simple copycat, this is the real thing and you may be interested (now this sounds like those odd and silly ads on tv trying to sell the most unuseful things you can imagine!)... so don't worry, you'll thank me later! ;)


friendship bracelet: DIY inspiration

I'm really into 'friendship' bracelets right now, and I'm also into DIY's... so here you have the result! it's been a lot going on in my life lately, and doing my own 'friendship bracelet' has been the perfect way to escape all the stress and messiness of the last days... and I ended up with a pretty cool bracelet!


looking for perfection

Bassike tee

I'm in the midle of the hardest mission ever: I'm looking for the perfect white tee. in fact, I've been looking for it for a million years now and I still haven't succeed (and I've tried it, trust me!). you can see in the picture above how I'd like that perfect white tee that I've never found*: loose-fit, short sleeves, perfect neckline and slightly long.


the smell of my skin

Dolce & Gabbana perfumes

I've never been a girl who uses intense perfumes. truth be told, I usually get dizzy while I'm surrounded of strong scents. I just can't help it!


2011 soundtrack

here you can see what I did yesterday night. after having dinner, I just noticed that TV is a complete shit... mmmm... yeah, is a complete shit! there was nothing good on TV so I decided to go to bed early, but I couldn't sleep and that's why I laid down on my bed and I caught the January issue of Elle magazine (have you seen how gorgeous is Cristina Tosio as a cover girl? god, she's stunning!) and my Ipod. and just like this, what started as a boring night ended up like a perfect one: with fashion and music.


happy new year to everyone...

and happy feet to me!!! I think that, by now, you all are sick of reading new years resolutions of all bloggers around the world. but you don't have to worry anymore: I'm not a new-years-resolutions-girl... nope! every time I try this I fail at the first attempt to reach my goals (I'm not the most driven person in the world, I know it... but I keep my feet on the ground and I never bother to have any resolution!). and I don't mean that this is a bad thing, it's just that a to-do list doesn't work for me...