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so, they say there's no list when you only have put on it a single thing. and, since I told you some weeks ago that I'd publish my wish-list, here you have the second item on it (if you missed the very first post about my wishlist, you can check it out here!).

dear readers, meet Current/Elliott leopard stiletto jeans. I love them, and I'll really appreciate if you don't judge me! maybe you already know that I use to wear print-free outfits (I think I've told you this before, not sure though!), but every now and then I like to add some color and unexpected prints on my wardrobe. and trust me, these jeans are my last obsession and they had to be on my wishlist!

for those of you that are not daring enough to wear this tri-color pair of jeans, you can always pick up the monochrome version (you can find it in baby blue, baby pink and beige shades). but, since I have rock in my veins instead of blood, I wouldn't mind to have this tri-colored pair to wear during my endless summer nights!

thank you very much for stopping by, it's always a pleasure!


ps: if this was a technology wishlist instead of a fashion one, I'd put a Mac. why? well, my pc died 4 days ago! pc sucks, and I officially give up with it!

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  1. cute!!!


  2. that's amazing! I really love your blog
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  3. Amazing jeans!


  4. Beautiful! :)


  5. omg i love that jeans..
    great post ! xx