Mx for La Marató

do you remember last week when I told you that I was taking part of a charity event? don't you? never mind, now you can know (almost!) everything about that day because I finally recovered the pictures I took there. but let's start from the very beginning!


dear Santa...

well, let’s be honest here: where I live (Catalonia) there’s no Santa… it’s more like a tree trunk that shits gifts if you hit him with a stick while you sing a special song created exclusively for that moment. weird, right? luckily, Christmas’ magic makes that kids believe that this is really true till they are 6 or 7* (and then, they know the very truth and are upset till the rest of their miserable life… naaahh, it’s not that this happened to me when I was 5… naahhh!!!**). but this is not better nor worse than Santa, don’t you think?


the ultimate DIY challenge

I'm so sorry for my absence, but last week I was really busy helping in the organization of a charity event that took place in the local MX Circuit. I think that as soon as I get the pictures I took there (I downloaded them to my boyfriend's Mac, and now all the pics are at his place), I'm going to tell you about the whole thing. now I'm back to this blog entry.


my winter favorites

right here and right now, grey is my favorite color. maybe not as much during summer, but I do love grey during awful winter time. yesterday I found myself picking up some items from my closet and all of them were grey: knitted grey sweater and grey jeans.not a big deal, right? yeah, not that a total grey is weird... but then I had to accessorize my outfit and... guess what? some grey stuff was looking at me like saying: pick me up, I'm the one, please, pick me up! (I'm not kidding, my accessories talk to me... hehe). so I took my grey watch, my grey necklace, grey scarf and grey black shoes (because, you know, black is my second favorite winter color, and I couldn't forget a touch of black...).


the girl on her chucks

talk about a wardrobe basic. when it comes to Converse, I've always been a big fan of the classic ones: black. high tops. yeah, I don't go out of my comfort area; no improvisation here, no bright colors. just a wardrobe basic (the only thing that could please me when we talk about these sneakers).


favorite Xmas gifts

as promissed, here you can enjoy my list of favorite gifts for next Xmas. some of the gifts are those I'd love to receive, but there are also some of the gifts I'm planning to buy for my loved ones and, finally, other ones are just for some inspiration (since their price is quite high and you can find something similar - and equally wonderful - for less bucks!) hope you like it!



good morning everyone! I'm preparing a post (which will see the light this weekend) about my favorite gifts for this Xmas, so stay tuned!

hope you all have a great friday! thanks for reading and for your kind comments, it's so nice to know about you!