the ultimate DIY challenge

I'm so sorry for my absence, but last week I was really busy helping in the organization of a charity event that took place in the local MX Circuit. I think that as soon as I get the pictures I took there (I downloaded them to my boyfriend's Mac, and now all the pics are at his place), I'm going to tell you about the whole thing. now I'm back to this blog entry.

I know the title of this post sounds quite 'epic', but let me explain it to you. I was reading some stuff this morning when I found ‘DIY’. and I was like: what the hell is DIY? so, do you guess what I did next? yeah, googled it (is this the right way to spell it? in Spain we don’t have this word yet!). just FYI (or should I say For My Information?), DIY is as simply as ‘do it yourself’ but shorter. okay, now I’m going to tell you something: I think that DIY is the new JBI (just buy it!). hehe, just kidding... don’t pay much attention to the silly me if you don’t want to end up saying crazy stupid things!

why am I telling you this shit? well, because after reading the answer of my questions (thanks google!) I just remembered one thing I found last week on internet and I didn't tell you back then: the art of knitting your own stuff! by now, you should know how much I love knitwear... so, come on, let's DIY! (silly me again... sorry!)

and when I say 'your own stuff', you can read 'your own scarf' (or maybe not, but this comes perfect to develop my story line!). so I've been searching on the internet some patterns for my DIY scarf (I don't even know how to knit, but never it's too late... don't you think?) this morning and... drum roll please... I found out a brand, 'Wool and the Gang', that don't want the art of hand-knitting to be forgotten, and sells a paper bag filled with wool, knitting tools, customisation material and all you need to DIY!! is such an awesome idea! and you can find patterns to do whatever you want: scarves (again... talk about obsessions!), gloves, headbands, beanies, sweaters...

stripped jolly pocket scarf by Wool and the Gang

customisation material

however, as every great idea, it has a little problem: maybe it's too pricey (you can buy those kits from 115€ or so). but this is not that bad because every kit comes with many patterns, so you can chose the one you like the most. now, you can pay attention because here comes my solution and you can do the following: you buy one knitting kit (I'm telling you this just because I love the paper bag and the way the whole kit is presented!), knit your own stuff (or scarf!), go to the local fabric shop, get some balls of yarn, go back home, and finally knit as other stuff as patterns were given with the kit. and voilà! then you have many scarves or whatever you want paying just one kit... hehehe. or maybe, you can go straight to the second step and just go buy balls of yarn and not buy this expensive kit. or maybe you don't feel like doing this at all... then you can go to the 'old fashion' easy thing... you know, JBI!

whatever you decide to do, I'm just glad you passed by and read my blog! thank you!



  1. I used to be really good at knitting, but I've forgotten how! I really love that scarf with pockets above, I might have to get back into knitting just to recreate it! :)


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  6. love it all

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