dear Santa...

well, let’s be honest here: where I live (Catalonia) there’s no Santa… it’s more like a tree trunk that shits gifts if you hit him with a stick while you sing a special song created exclusively for that moment. weird, right? luckily, Christmas’ magic makes that kids believe that this is really true till they are 6 or 7* (and then, they know the very truth and are upset till the rest of their miserable life… naaahh, it’s not that this happened to me when I was 5… naahhh!!!**). but this is not better nor worse than Santa, don’t you think?

okay, end of childhood trauma confessions (I don’t even know why I’m telling you this!!). I just did this post to wish happy holidays to everyone... I'm glad I started this blog a month ago, because this way I can share with you special moments and thoughts! and I'm super happy every time I get a comment from you... thank you sooo much! I hope to be here for a long time! I'll be back after Xmas!
here you have my letter to Santa… but it seems like he never get to read it!! never mind, I’ve been a very nice girl and I’m pretty sure that my presents are going to be awesome!!
merry christmas!

* it depends on your family's acting skills
** maybe my family's acting skills have changed since then because now my cousin is 9 and he don't suspect a thing yet. no, seriously... what the hell is going on with kids nowadays? they look like living in Wonderland! or it's just that they are smarter than we where back then and they spend all Xmas pretending they don't have a clue... we'll never know!


  1. Hahah that letter is amazing.. Hope you will get your louboutins ;).. Every girl deserves a pair of those! :D

    xxx Femke

  2. absolutely awesome!

    Merry Christmas!

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    Wait for u!

  3. love it! Merry Christmas!


  4. love it!!!
    i'm following!

    merry christmas!!!

  5. ohhhhhh its so cute, letter to Santa, i think when i make a letter to Santa, santa will hate me forever hahahah

    Herdiana Surachman

  6. I always get my hopes up when it comes to santa. ever since i asked for the gift of the ability to fly and never received, i have lost all hope!

  7. Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment!!! I started following you!!!
    Hope you got the Louboutins you asked for girl...


  8. CUTE LETTER teeheehee i hope mr santa made your wish come true ;p
    thanks for sharing hun!

    love from the NANA girls

  9. Haha hope you got a pair for Christmas!! :) I wish I had a pair :D
    Great blog!
    I'm following you!

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  10. I think I'll make copies of this and give them out all year. You know, just in case. lol