word on the streets

okay, this is going to be a quick post. maybe you already know this by now, but (just in case) I gotta share it with you! the new collaboration with H&M has been announced... aaaannnnndddd the wiiiinner iiiiiiisssss MARNI!!!

so, if earlier today I was telling you about how prepared for cold weather I am... now I'm just telling you that I'm soooo ready for summer clothes which will be in stores from March 8. save the date ladies, because this collaboration is going to be a good one (even more if you think that Versace collection wasn't exactly my cup of tea -except for the leather jackets, of course!).

thanks for reading!


winter is already here. I'm not really glad to say this though. I think I'm pretty much a "summer girl". and I don't even know why, but when the winter approaches my mood completely changes. no no no, cold weather is definitely not for me (even if we don't really have serious cold weather here in Spain... whatever, not for me!).


steve mcqueen the king of cool

the king of cool. if you happen to be in Paris right now (don't worry if you're not, you have time till december 11) you should go to admire some pics of this iconic man.


that messenger bag

I think I don’t need to introduce you this baby. PS1 by Proenza Schouler is just perfection. when it comes to bags this is my last obsession (oh, I wish I just could pay for it… but no, this is not who I am!). never mind PS1, I’ll find someone like you (wait! It sounds to me like that beautiful song by… Adele! yeah, I love her too).


welcome to my life

it's rainy outside. you know, it’s that kind of day when you just want to stay home, with your favorite blanket to keep you warm and a cup of hot coffee. actually, this is exactly what I’ve been doing until few minutes ago. yeah, I was lying in my bed reading the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar Spain (I gotta wait till tomorrow to get all December issues, and this sucks. specially today, when outdoor activities are not recommended at all). but then it came to my mind… why not? I’ve been following some blogs for so long now, and I thought I could get my own one… so here I am, I decided to start a blog.

i still don’t know what I’m going to talk about here. I guess it’s just a matter of time figure it out. there will be a lot of fashion, and a little of music and other stuff (you see? I just don’t know it yet!).
that said, ladies and gentleman, let this adventure commence. welcome to my life!