steve mcqueen the king of cool

the king of cool. if you happen to be in Paris right now (don't worry if you're not, you have time till december 11) you should go to admire some pics of this iconic man.

la Galerie de l'Instant is showing an exposition about him with photos by John Dominis, a photographer who hung out with the superstar for three weeks during the spring of 1962. he took some of the most intimate and iconic pictures of the actor that have ever been published. I think it's really worth it!

here you have some of my favorites, enjoy them. and let me know if you have the chance to go, sadly I think I'm not going to go... 

all the photos in this post are by John Dominis via La Galerie de l'Instant, check out their page if you wanna know more.

thanks so much for reading!


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