on my favorite designer

Stella McCartney SS 12
well, just two words: Stella McCartney. I don't remember when she first caught my attention with her creations, but I only know that I've kept an eye on her ever since...


you fancy a pedicure?

last Friday I went for a pedicure, but it wasn't a common pedicure... it was a fish pedicure! I don't know if you ever have heard about it, in case you haven't and to sum up what it's all about I just can say that a bunch of fishes eat your feet all the dead skin, calluses and other unwanted stuff from your feet. and trust me: it's such a good experience!!!


just for fun!

just in case you haven't seen those videos yet... do it now, it's so much fun (maybe because it's the very truth!)! once you have seen one of those videos you become... wait for it... obseeessseed!!! hehe
'should I get bangs? how do we feel about bangs? I think I'm gonna get bangs... OMG, I HATE MY BAAANGS!!!'... isn't it hilarious?
and in other news, brand new by anna is on twitter now... so you can follow my steps closer!
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for those days when...

a pair of heels won't do, a pair of sequined sneakers will. in the last couple of weeks I been feeling like my feet have had enough heels (not for good, of course! but just for a while...). I guess you have been there before, you know, when your feet just need a break.


PFW, best of

just because this has been the last fashion week of the whole fashion month doesn't mean it was easy to pick my favorite looks. and, honestly, this has been the hardest because Paris is Paris, and fashion shows in Paris are major fashion shows. if you ask me what things I'd like to remark from PFW, here they come: so dark collections (remember when in NY all was about white? well, here is all about black, navy and not so many bright colors), Chloé is back and better than ever, square jackets that hide the silhouette, and the ultimate trend that I spotted in many shows: skirt over pants... so, are you ready to see my selection?


MFW, best of

so, here you have the third episode of 'fashion week, best of' series. and I have to say that this one and the next episode are going to be huge for just one reason: Milan and Paris use to hold the shows of the most important fashion maisons. this is only a selection of my favorite designers or runway outfits, so you can feel free to recommend some shows that I don't report here... hope you like it!