can't stop thinking about summer

now I just want the summer to show up! and you know why? well, I only can blame on thing: Jimmy Choo and its clutch. isn't it cool? wow, I felt in love with it since the very first moment I saw it. plus, it immediately remind me of summer, and the beach... oh man, how I miss being on the beach for hours soaking up the sun! why can't the summer just last 12 months so we can completely forget about the winter?


LFW, best of

here I'm again, showing you what I love the most form London Fashion Week. talk about print craziness... are you ready for that jelly? hehe! I have to say that it ain't easy to put together a small selection of outfits from the runway -because there are so many looks that I simply love- but after all, you will see two things that can sum up the trends for F/W 2012: lots of bright colors and amazingly crazy prints. hope you enjoy the post!


they were meant to be mine!

at last I found what I was dreaming of*: leather bottoms. one of my obsessions this winter has been leather bottoms, and I've been unable to find the perfect ones until a couple of weeks ago.


NYFW, best of

nope, (as you can imagine...) I didn't attend any fashion show in New York. but as every single fashion lover on Earth I have been following all reviews of almost every fashion brand (thank you, fashion Gods, for giving us Style.com!). so, here you have some of my favorite looks... the best of NYFW!


love is in the air

picture via Toy Story 3

spread the love, today is the day... happy St. Valentine's day everyone! 

now, don't ask me why I put a picture of Barbie and Ken... it's obvious: they've always been in love! hehe, at least that's what all little girls in the world think... but when they grow up they'll know that this is not exactly the truth... the fact is that she (and when I say she I mean Barbie...) had no choice because Ken was is the only man in her life! yeah, so sad... if I were her I'd rather be with the strong Action Man! (this is just because I'm more like 'good girls love bad boys', hehe). oh, I've just noticed that this post is starting to not be as romantic as it should be for St. Valentine's day... sorry! anyway, Toy Story is so much fun... don't you think?

in other news, I gotta say that I'm so sorry for my absence... I've been stuck in bed (I mean from bed to sofa and from sofa to bed!) for a whole week because of an awful flu... and you know what that does mean? nada bueno! but now I've almost got over it and I can say that Anna is back... so get ready for new entries coming soon!

thank you so much for reading and for your nice comments!



i want it, i'll have it!

okay, here I am again... but this time is a little bit diferent, so... have a sit! this time I'm introducing you (how stupid does this sound? hehe!) the 'Collier de chien' paper bracelet by Hermès. read well and pay attention dear readers because this is not a simple copycat, this is the real thing and you may be interested (now this sounds like those odd and silly ads on tv trying to sell the most unuseful things you can imagine!)... so don't worry, you'll thank me later! ;)