they were meant to be mine!

at last I found what I was dreaming of*: leather bottoms. one of my obsessions this winter has been leather bottoms, and I've been unable to find the perfect ones until a couple of weeks ago.

you know, when I go shopping I use to be the most unlucky girl in the world because I never find what I'm looking for**, and then I just go crazy! anyway, the fact is that I've been looking for leather bottoms (actually I didn't mind if it was mini skirts or shorts) since September and the only stuff I found is fake leather bottoms; and honestly, fake leather sucks when it comes to low cost fashion... it feels like plastic and I hate that feeling!

that's why I decided to stop looking for them and move on to another obsession. and at this moment of the story appears Mr. Murphy (I assume you all know about his laws, right?). now, the story goes like I tell you:
me, walking in the city in a beautiful day 'oops, here is a Mango... let's get in!'. so I got into the shop, strolling around, looking something here and something else there... and... 'oh God, are those leather shorts?', I approached to the stand and checked out the piece... 'I can't believe it! leather shorts... but, this is the last pair (and now, panic!) is it the right size?' so I checked out the size 'yeah, size 36... perfect! and it's 50% off!!!'. So, you can imagine me (as happy as I could be) heading inmediately towards the cash, and the lady in the cash to another shop assistand 'I thought we run out of these...' and the other girl to the lady in the cash 'it seems like this one was waiting for her' (I think she could notice how happy I was!) and then I just could say 'yeah, they were meant to be mine!' and I left.

that was two weeks ago, but I've been unable to take this picture and edit it till today... and I really wanted to show them to you because they are amazing! so, what do you think about leather bottoms?

thank you so much for reading! and for your sweet comments! I'm preparing a 'LFW, best of' post, so stay tuned!


* this is a part of the lyrics of one song of a band I adore, 'The do'. you should listen to some songs by them!

** I gotta say that shopping for me is like 'treasure hunting'. I mean, I hardly ever go shopping without goals, just to see what I find. I like to go shopping with some special pieces in mind that I want to be mine. and that's why I use to end up like a crazy girl while shopping, because I never find exactly what I'm looking for!


  1. Beautiful!


  2. Still need to find a pair... love that trend!


  3. Congrats on those shorts! Can't wait to see how you'll wear them :)


  4. love the shorts - I sported an A+O pair this winter with tights that i loved!!!

  5. congrats on finding the right short!

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  6. Hahaha! Really happy for you. I'm sure the shorts were waiting 4 you!! I'm a new follower!!

  7. Woow Anna they're totally gorgeous!!! xoxo


    ps. Thanks a lot for helping me find those pants...you were right they were from Altewai...following you also on Bloglovin!

    1. hey, you're welcome Valeria... after all, it's great if we can help each other!

  8. Beautiful! :)


  9. nice


  10. super cute! I love me some Mango.


  11. Nice shorts!

    Thank you so much for following my blog, I really appreciate that! I'm following yours too! Hope you visit my blog soon again. Have a great week! :)