welcome to my life

it's rainy outside. you know, it’s that kind of day when you just want to stay home, with your favorite blanket to keep you warm and a cup of hot coffee. actually, this is exactly what I’ve been doing until few minutes ago. yeah, I was lying in my bed reading the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar Spain (I gotta wait till tomorrow to get all December issues, and this sucks. specially today, when outdoor activities are not recommended at all). but then it came to my mind… why not? I’ve been following some blogs for so long now, and I thought I could get my own one… so here I am, I decided to start a blog.

i still don’t know what I’m going to talk about here. I guess it’s just a matter of time figure it out. there will be a lot of fashion, and a little of music and other stuff (you see? I just don’t know it yet!).
that said, ladies and gentleman, let this adventure commence. welcome to my life! 

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