cool traditions

today is Sant Jordi (Saint George) in Catalonia. actually, today is Saint George everywhere, but specially in Catalonia. and I say specially because Sant Jordi is one working day that we have transformed in a huge national festivity. I mean, people has to go work equally but you can smell the air of festivity on the streets of the cities and little villages of all around Catalonia.

today is the day when men are supposed to buy a rose to their women, and women are supposed to buy a book for their men. it's like our own Saint Valentine's day, but on 23rd of April! but, as every tradition, modernity has made some changes: and now I always ask my boyfriend to buy me a book because I don't really like flowers and because I do love reading. so, it's like we made a pact about that.

so, now I just need to finish my work for today and go out and buy my boyfriend his book (I already decided which one I want to buy him) in the midle of the crowded city. I'm pretty sure it won't take me so long because there are street vendors selling books and roses in every single corner... I just wish you could be here as well!!

have a great week, and thank you so much for stopping by! Feliç Sant Jordi!



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  2. aw.... what a sweet holiday! thank you for sharing :)

    see, this is what i love about blogging - learning fascintaing new things about places foreign to me.

    your newest follower,

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